Wearables and droneS fOr CIty socio-environmental Observations and BEhavioral changE

What is SOCIO-BEE?



Welcome to SOCIO-BEE!

We aim at empowering communities to adopt more sustainable behaviors.

How do we do that?

Through citizen science, portable air quality sensors, and social innovation.

Our project also raises awareness of climate change and encourages citizens to monitor and observe the environment.

Join us on this journey to create a healthier, more sustainable future!

SOCIO-BEE at a Glance



3 Pilot Cases



The challenge for the city of Zaragoza now is to attract younger members of the public (8 to 16 years old) to the initiative so that they can take an active role in caring for their air quality.

Targeted Population: Youth



Encourage the elderly to be active outdoors in a non-polluted and non-crowded environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Targeted Population: Elderly



The vision for the Municipality of Amaroussion is to inform and engage commuters and the general public in atmospheric pollution measurements, enhancing understanding of the significance of air quality and of our collective responsibility in preserving a healthy environment.

Targeted Population: General Public and Commuters

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