About The SOCIO-BEE project

Discover the motivations, challenges and results of a multidisciplinary European consortium working to create active communities who use citizen science to monitor the air quality of their environment.

Why the Bees?

Just like in nature, queen bees, worker bees, and drone bees, all play an important role in their hives.

In SOCIO-BEE we take the bee metaphor for our citizen science strategy, where everyone can participate with different levels of engagement which are all valuable and important.

The data collected by the beehives is the honey and as you can imagine this is interesting for our honey bears, which are stakeholders in different realms of society.

We’re testing our hives in three different pilot sites with different populations, including young adults, elderly people, and everyday commuters. Join us!

Citizen engagement through

co-creation and technology

Welcome to the future of citizen engagement! The SOCIO-BEE project is leading the way with our innovative approach to co-creation and technology. Our goal is to design, deploy, and validate a next-generation citizen science platform that utilizes wearable-based modules for air quality observation. With the support of local decision-makers and action groups, we’re creating sustainable, scalable, and replicable experiments that are co-created with users just like you.

But SOCIO-BEE is more than just a platform – we’re committed to facilitating citizen science through a co-creation module that enables users to select from a range of customizable campaigning blueprints. These tools will deliver engagement programmes and campaigns that truly empower communities to influence decision-making and reduce pollution levels in cities. Our aim is to build trust between stakeholders and create a better, more sustainable future for everyone. Join us in this exciting journey towards citizen empowerment and environmental sustainability!



Are you ready for a challenge? The SOCIO-BEE project is taking on the task of collecting high-resolution air quality data through opportunistic sensing to ensure replicability. We believe that citizens, policymakers, voluntary sectors, and businesses all have a role to play as stewards of air pollution reduction policies.

Our outcome is clear: a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for everyone. By working together, we can create policies that reduce pollution levels and ensure that our air is safe to breathe. With the data at our fingertips, we can make informed decisions and take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future. Join us on this journey towards a brighter tomorrow and become a steward of air pollution reduction policies today!

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