Many young people of all ages attended the Youth Festival 2023 “CONNECT MAROUSSI”, organized by the Municipality of Amaroussion on Saturday 11th of November, with the participation of 14 social organizations and an exciting musical program.

At the stand of SOCIO-BEE project, which was set up at Agia Lavra Square, the youngsters had the opportunity to meet with the representatives of the project, Dr. Maria Kotzagianni and Mr. Anargyros Roussos, and learn about the SOCIO-BEE project, the problem of air pollution, the upcoming pilot activities and how they can participate. At the event, Ms Fani Lekka, organizer and Councilor for Youth and Volunteerism, as well as Ms Mary Galazoula, the Secretary General of the Municipality supported the actions with their presence and their valuable support.

In the panel discussion that followed, both Dr. Kotzagianni and Mr. Roussos described the metaphor of the beehive that the project leverages to approach and inform citizens in order to engage, inform and raise awareness on issues related to the environment and, in particular, air pollution, highlighting the fact that participants have the opportunity to become themselves “citizen scientists” and measure air pollution within Municipality of Amaroussion.

The evening was enriched by the famous singer Ms. Katerina Stikoudi in a unique audiovisual show with an eight-part ballet, while she took pictures with the mascot of the project, the SOCIO-BEE bee.