The XVII International Congress of Educating Cities took place from 21 to 24 May 2024 in Curitiba (Brazil), and members of the Zaragoza Municipality presented the project’s activities carried out in the city.

Ideas and good practices were shared under the theme ‘Sustainability, Innovation and Inclusion in the Educating City: transforming the present’.

The congress was based on the following thematic axes :

1) Social sustainability: inclusion and cultural pluralism;
2) Environmental and economic sustainability: innovation and transformation of the territories;
3) Education for sustainability;

Zaragoza City Council participated in the Congress by presenting the following projects that are being developed in the City: Starts, Bosque de los Zaragozanos and Socio Bee.

From the Smart City Service of Zaragoza Municipality and the members of the pilot activities -Ibercivis And Zaragoza City of Knowlege- , we thank our colleagues from the Zaragoza education services for their presence in this congress to explain our project activities.

Socio Bee consists of designing, deploying and validating a Citizen Science platform on air quality through portable devices, with the support of local authorities and different groups. It allows citizens to develop and test their hypotheses by collecting data and thus modify their habits for the benefit of the environment.