Analysing air quality through measurement devices and citizen science for behavioural change


The SOCIO-BEE pilot project in Zaragoza aims to build a stable community of volunteers working together to monitor the city’s air quality.

The collection and analysis of this data, through the technology offered by the project, will provide scientific data and, through the conclusions obtained, will be able to influence the city’s municipal policies on mobility, urban planning.

Additionally, participants will also be able to make decisions based on the scientific evidence they themselves have obtained to influence their daily behaviour.

We will work with teenagers and young people who will test the usefulness of the technology developed by the project by participating in citizen science campaigns where they will measure the quality of the air we breathe in real time. Subsequently, this community will remain open to any person interested in the environment and in improving air quality in Zaragoza’s neighbourhoods.



In January 2024 we will launch an open call for schools and educational centres that want to participate in SOCIO-BEE, carry out citizen science campaigns to learn about the quality of our air and work with the technology of our project.

In addition, if you are passionate about technology and want your activity to have an impact on the city, you can be part of the hive / group of air quality of the city of Zaragoza from January 2024. We will show you the SOCIO-BEE devices and we will be able to work together on solutions to improve the air quality of our city. If you are a researcher, interested in TTN technology and sensorisation, or you just want to participate, come and join us!

Write to us at if you want to participate in these activities from January onwards and visit the project’s website or social media profiles to find out how the project is being set up.


The hypothesis to be probed with the citizen science campaigns: Can the scientific experimentation carried out in schools with the project’s technology help to raise awareness of air quality on yountgsters and teenageers?

Campaigns Objectives:

  1. Facilitate the active participation of young people in the analysis of Zaragoza’s air quality.
  2. Analyse, draw and display conclusions about air quality in Zaragoza.
  3. Facilitate an analysis of air quality after a process of co-creation and community work done by the participants.
  4. Test the improvements done in the technology of the project (software and hardware).


Results of the first round of testing of SOCIO-BEE devices

Results of the first round of testing of SOCIO-BEE devices

The testing campaign of the air monitoring technologies of the European SOCIO-BEE project ends successfully. The first pilot phase of the SOCIO-BEE project has ended with the completion of several citizen science campaigns that have allowed the air quality to be measured in various areas of...





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