Every street, neighbourhood or city has its own sonority that changes at every moment. A sound can bring a stream of images to mind, awakening a multisensory memory within it.

We recently celebrated World Listening Day with a sound walk organised by Resonar, a multidisciplinary team specialised in sound communication, new technologies, cultural diffusion and training, which will be part of a wider study on pollution in the city of Zaragoza and will complement the results obtained by SOCIO-BEE in the city.

The walk began at Etopia Centro de Arte y Tecnología, with a brief introduction on the concept of “soundscape” and instructions on how to listen and capture sound for those attending.

The sound walk coincided with the route and the areas where the citizen science campaigns of the SOCIO-BEE pilot in Zaragoza were carried out, so that the noise pollution data collected can be compared with the air pollution data obtained during the campaigns.

They worked with a digital or analogue recorder or an app for mobile phone recording.

After the tour, the audios collected were shared and the participants commented on the sound aspects discovered, noise pollution and how it affects urban development in the 21st century.