The Ecsite Conference is a global meeting of science engagement professionals from over 50 countries who join together to share their expertise, learn from one another and make valuable professional connections.

SOCIO-BEE will be on saturday, June 17th present at this conference within the round table "Ethics and politics in citizen science. Ten years after the publication of the White Paper on Citizen Science for Europe", where the development of stronger citizen communities in terms of scientific culture, real cooperation, mutual trust and social cohesion will be analysed, using, among others, the SCIO-BEE model of engagement for a better community building.

The project will be represented by consortium members of the Fundación Ibercivis , who will have the opportunity to showcase the engagement methodologies used to build communities around the defined citizen science projects, as well as the innovative approach of the "beehive metaphor" and the roles associated with each of its members.

SOCIO-BEE's participation in the EcSite conference is part of the dissemination activities of the project and will serve to make contacts with similar projects and museum and institution leaders interested in the creation of communities using citizen science methodologies such as those used in our project.

You can have access to the conference program and its activities here.