The alpha testing team has run three working sesions in Zaragoza with the SOCIO-BEE Technology.

During the month of May 2023, the Zaragoza pilot coordination team has been able to work with a reduced group of alpha testers, formed by staff members of the three institutions involved, to put into operation in the field all the SOCIO-BEE technology: its air quality measurement device, the online platform that will be used for the design of citizen science campaigns and the mobile application that will be used by the participating citizens. This mobile application has a recommendation system that guides users through the best route for taking measurements.

In these three working sessions, the roles of the participants have been defined -following the SOCIO-BEE metaphor of the beehive-, a test beehive has been elaborated and several scientific campaigns have been designed, so that the interoperability between the different technological elements of the project has been tested. Once these campaigns were defined, the alpha testers went out with their devices to carry out the first measurements, the results of which can be seen through the heat maps produced by the project's online platform.

The main objective of these work sessions has been to check the operation of the technology, collect incidents and report them to the technical team so that they can correct any faults that may have been found. The work on SOCIO-BEE continues in order to leave everything ready for the testero-betics who will continue testing and measuring in June.

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